Offshore wind offers tremendous potential for the renewable energy market. Despite great technical challenges, the opportunity to generate utility-scale power in large wind farms has many seeing offshore as the future of the industry. Before that time, however, the cost of energy needs to come down to a comparable level with other forms or electricity generation. Here you’ll be able to find content about offshore turbines, foundations, cables, substations, projects and more.

Contributor: Wind Energy IQ
Posted: 10/15/2015
Large-scale Monopiles & Vibro-Hammers for cost efficient Offshore Wind Energy
Leaving no stone unturned, the offshore wind industry continues to innovate and look for new and more cost-effective ways to develop renewable energy. Driven by the need to design systems that can be installed quickly and cheaply at extreme ocean depths, engineers are working on several approaches to provide the industry with more options for achieving the offshore wind expansion the world wants to see. Read on for two interesting case studies - Baltic 2 and Riffgat! Full Article »
Posted: 08/13/2015
Top 10 - World's Biggest Wind Energy Companies
In this new eBook, we reveal the 10 biggest companies in the global Wind Energy industry based on global market share at the end of 2014.

We also explore the history of these energy giants and take a closer look at the top managers who lead them. Full Sector Report »