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Contributor: Jakob Nielsen
Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen is Head of EHS Offshore (Environment, Health, and Safety) at Siemens Energy Transmission. This includes responsibility for the High Voltage Platforms that are currently being constructed and will soon form the backbone of the Smart Grid connecting Wind Farms in the North Sea to the European Power Grid. We are very happy to have had the chance for a chat with Mr. Nielsen at the last IQPC Health & Safety event. We talked about the appreciation of safety in Germany, the wind industry's direction and the value of safety - read the full interview here!Read more

Contributor: Claus Goralski
Claus Goralski

Surrounding the 4th IQPC International Conference Wind Turbine Towers 2015 we had the chance for a quick chat with one of our expert speakers: Dr.-Ing. Claus Goralski, Head of Structural Engineering Renewable Energy at H +P and wind veteran. He gave an update on foundations: lessons learned, damages report and new approaches. Read on to find out what he had to say!Read more

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Contributor: Xavier Soler
Xavier Soler

Drivetrain concepts is a field of big innovation. With a lot of development going on regarding load distribution, torque concepts and of course the advent of Multi Megawatt turbines, exciting times are ahead of us! Which is why we are excited to have Xavier Soler as a speaker at the upcoming Drivetrain concepts event. The Drive Train Technical Leader and expert for Innovation - Mechanical Design at Alstom knows what it means to conceive, build and apply great concepts. Read our full pre-conference interview to learn about Alstom ’s Haliade concept and when to make the step from simulation to practical testing!Read more

Contributor: Birit Buhr Jensen

Corrosion remains one of the most challenging and enduring threats for offshore wind farms - which is why companies like DONG naturally have only the best people working on it. We had the chance to talk to one such expert - Birit Buhr Jensen, Lead Corrosion Specialist Offshore Design at DONG Energy in Denmark. Read the full interview here for free!Read more

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Contributor: Peder Bay Enevoldsen
Peder Bay Enevoldsen

At the last IQPC Rotor blades event, we had the chance to talk to Siemens' Peder Bay Enevoldsen, Blade Chief Engineer at Siemens Wind Power A/S. You can read the full interview here for free to find out what he has to say about the event, and about split blade technology!Read more

Hasse Agernem Andreasen

Hasse Agernem Andreasen is the Head of Offshore EHS ROE at Siemens Wind Power A/S in Denmark, and we are excited to have had him speak at the 4th International onference Offshore Wind HSE last December in Bremen. He is an expert in risk-analysis and prevention processes. Read the full interview with Mr. Andreasen here!Read more

Contributor: Markus Görzer

66kV on the rise? We asked our experts from last year's event; Markus Görzer & Anton Wolf from AMSC Windtec about their perspective and what they believe will change in the future - or not! Read the full interview here!Read more

Contributor: Enrico Jakobi
Enrico Jakobi

IQPC’s Wind Series in 2014 will be completed by the 4th International Conference Offshore Wind HSE in December in Bremen, and we are looking forward to discussing effective health and safety concepts, risk management and tool assessment with our experts on-site. Before the event, we had the chance to talk to our expert speaker Enrico Jakobi, HSE Manager Offshore Wind at Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH.Read more

Contributor: Dr.-Ing. Marc Seidel
Dr.-Ing. Marc Seidel

At last year's IQPC Offshore Foundations,w e had the chance for a face to face with Dr.Ing. Marc Seidel from Senvion (former RePower). Download the full interview here insights into the direction of offshore foundations.Read more

Contributor: Jurgita Simaityte
Jurgita Simaityte

Expert onsite-interview with Nordex' Jurgita Simaityte.Read more

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